six point sixty-nine cubic metres

On the 27.03.1998 the Förderkoje® [Nurturing Berth] was measured by two architectural offices: Stefan Baumert, Köln & Architektei Bernd Mey, Frankfurt/M.

A 3 D version was created, as well as a floor plan and views of the walls (download .pdf / 321 KB oder .dxf / 11 KB). According to the annotations released on the 14.04.1998, the floor plan measured 1,84 square metres, though the skirting board and the heater were not taken into consideration; on the 08.05.2002, the volume of the room was reduced to 6,69 cubic metres for aesthetic reasons.

From 01.08.2002 to the 21.04.2003 a „Förderzeitraum“ [nurturing space] was installed on the first floor, main building west, of the Contemporary Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin: the berth space was enlarged on a 1,4:1 scale and laid on its north side so that the visitor could go into the berth from the ceiling side; the in and outsides were innovatively used for a variety of projects from 1998 to 2002.

After moving out of the Marienstrasse on the 10.06.2005, the Förderkoje will, in the future, make home visits to specific places. For the long-term, a new construction for the Förderkoje is planned.

6.69 cbm
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