Renault Kangoo «Pampa» Renault Kangoo «Pampa»

Proposal for the Angel Orensanz Foundation
International Installation Art Award

Ralf Schmitt. Biography: Click!
Enrico Sitelli. Biography: Click!
Partners of Cooperation:
Förderkoje, Berlin/Heinrich Schmidt Gallery, Grenzach-Wyhlen (Basle)
Prof. Dr. Siegmar, Berlin
Press Release/Pampabonanza2000

Press Release


The gallery Heinrich Schmidt, Grenzach-Wyhlen (near Basle) together with the Förderkoje Berlin (holder is the artist Ralf Schmitt) are glad to launch an innovative piece of work of the curator Prof. Dr. Siegmar (Berlin).

The work «Pampabonanza2000» can be seen as the successful result of a close visionary cooperation with the french motor industry producer Renault and the american computer manufacturer Apple. Both companies won reputation in their line by innovative solutions.
Apple is known as a company which revolutionized the computer by the graphic user interface, the name Renault is linked with the first European manufacturer for mass production with a modern work organization.

The now promoted work consists of a large sized catalogue got up with works specially done for this publication by Peter Amsler, Klaus Heid, Karsten Ewert, Martin Jösel, Thomas Kober, Protoplast AG, Christof Salzmann, Ralf Schmitt, Bert Theis and Kristian Wiktorsson. Essential parts of this catalogue are the special edition «Pampa» or the brandnew automobile and follower model of the legendary R4, Renault Kangoo, and the revolutionary computer model Apple «iMac».


Apple «iMac» Apple «iMac»

The Renault Kangoo «Pampa» is the suitable car in order to reach also out-of-the-way districts. It was developed for streets you can also find in the province around the swiss border town Basle (residence of the gallery Heinrich Schmidt). «Pampa» is signalized by more ground clearance and thereby makes possible comfortable moving also to peripheral areas.
As an option a Metropolitan-Simulation-Headset (MSH) is offered to art critics, institutional collectors and curators, which guarantees the «New-York-Feeling» also in deepest sticks.
The by this reason integrated computer model «iMac» can be described not only by its innovative design, but also by internet optimized technology and microprocessors of the newest generation. The work will be completed by the CD «Pampabonanza2000».
The whole package can be bought in the Förderkoje Berlin and in the gallery Heinrich Schmidt, Grenzach-Wyhlen (Basel).

For finanzing the partners of cooperation recommend the Schmidt banking house, which helps also artists and museums purchasing the work by favourable conditions.

In conclusion the partners of this project want to write down that they do not intend to compete by this cooperation with the establishes distribution structures of the automobile, computer and bank line, but at the same time do not exdlude similar scribbled actions in future.

On 20. july the press conference will take place in New York.

Elements of the Constellation

We plan to install the constellation «Pampabonanza2000»

It consists of
- the press conference on 20. july with international guests out of the trade-, industry- and art world
- Renault Kangoo «Pampa» (car)
- Apple «iMac» (computer)

Room 1: the press conference
Room 2: the car and the computer
The press conference will be transmitted from room 1 to room 2 and broadcasted via radio/tv/internet and documented on cd/video